everything about this gifset makes me extremely sad


hey sorry im late i didnt want to come

me being born 2 weeks past my due date



Daughter Blue and Grey
Blue and Grey

listen to this song ok

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sometime i think about you when i jack off and i know im not the only one


THIS WAS MY FACE WHEN I READ THIS but also thank you 


Good job Phyllis raising awareness of ALS


Good job Phyllis raising awareness of ALS

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You're beautiful. <3

thank you omg

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Lol whoops. Me and my best friend used to be like in love with each other freshman year. But idk I might like him and he said it in a way where he meant he liked me. Idk.

oh umm then good luck i guess? ive never been in that situation so idk what to say im sorry. i guess just dont stay with your boyfriend out of convenience ya know? do what will make you the happiest




If Guy Best Friends Acted Like Girl Best Friends

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I babysat a five month old with my best friend tonight and we were like "man were great parents" but I have a bf and I was like "well I'll be your backup plan" and he was like "you'd be a good wife. I would like that" AND IM SO CONFUSED.

i dont think it was in a “i want you to be my wife” way, more of like an admiration for who you are as a person. i mean he obviously thinks youre great if youre best friends. spending the rest of his life with you probably sounds great but idk if he meant it in a sexual way if that makes sense??? that sounds dumb idk how to phrase it. but then again i also have no knowledge of your relationship/past with eachother so he could have meant it in that way. i really dont know what im supposed to say here im sorry??? i probably just confused you more im sorry

y’all notice how everyone makes fun of taylor swifts dancing (understandably) and for her new song called “shake it off” (which is about not letting people get you down) she liTERALLY MADE AN ENTIRE MUSIC VIDEO OF HER DOING DIFFERENT STYLES OF DANCING??? like she dont give NOOOO fucks #madrespect